Basic Rules to Have a Business Card

When designing a business card, there are certain basic rules to keep in mind. First, choose a background that matches your brand’s color scheme. While you should use a different color for the text on your card, it’s still recommended to use a neutral color. Also, avoid using similar-colored text on different background colors, as it makes it harder to read. For improved legibility, add contrast between the two colors. Remember: legibility is your number one priority!

If you’re using two different identities, it’s best to design separate business cards for each. This way, you’ll avoid confusing your audience with a single business card. Moreover, this way, you’ll be speaking directly to different audiences. Lastly, it’s not necessary to include your full name on both sides. In this way, you can make your cards unique while still remaining professional.

One of the most basic rules is to minimize the text size. A card’s text should be at least eight point in size. However, some people tend to add social media profiles and a lengthy list of services. In general, however, it’s best to leave some space between text and other information. A business card should also include a note, a new phone number, or a colleague’s name, if relevant.

In general, business cards should be distinctive and contain information that makes a person act. Don’t make them end up in the trash because they didn’t convince them to do so. Make them stand out in the stack of business cards that you pass around. Then, your cards will never be lost in the trash bin. You can use them as marketing tools to make your business grow! So, start collecting cards today!

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