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Different Advantages and Disadvantages of Using YouTube

In the current digital age of social media apps and platforms, YouTube has become one of the most trending online platforms among users of almost all ages. You can use it if you want to build your brand and for entertainment and educational purposes as well. One can simply create videos and upload them on YouTube to get visibility on both YouTube and on search engines as well.

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YouTube’s mission is to provide a voice to almost everybody in the world and show them whatever is going on in their surroundings. This way they are creating a better world by providing people with the ability to listen, share and create a community of users who share information on YouTube. The platform is home to around 2.6 billion monthly users and around 37 million YouTube channels.

You can also start using YouTube and share your videos using good internet services and packages like WOW Internet Packages. This way you will only have to invest in getting a better phone and a few gadgets and start your own YouTube.

To get a better insight into YouTube, you can have a look at the following advantages and disadvantages of it.

Free to Use

Since YouTube is a free-to-use platform, it allows users to upload and watch videos without having to pay for anything. This provides an opportunity for young individuals and almost anybody to experiment with their skills and explore a better way to earn fame and money as well.

However, YouTube Premium is a paid version of the platform where you can watch videos without interruptions caused by ads. Also, you can play videos in the background and even when you are offline. However, having the Premium or free version does not affect the way one can upload videos using their channel moviesverse.

Earn Money by Creating Content

If you are using YouTube, you can earn a good amount of money along with a lot of fame depending on the views on your videos. For instance, you can get around $100 if you have 20,000 views on your videos. To earn using your videos you need to have a Google AdSense account that you can create with your YouTube channel.

Apart from that, you can earn from sponsorships, selling different digital products, and merchandise, and by using Affiliate Links as well.

Sharing Information Is Easy

Another major advantage of YouTube is its ease of use and even if you do not have prior computer skills or ways to use the platform, you can look at different tutorials that show YouTube basics and other information.

Also, you can share information with a lot of users in a very short time. You can use videos, music, video animations, comedy sketches, and other forms of data. Just like other social platforms, you can upload YouTube polls, and stories and post updates for your audience.

You just had a look at the different advantages and opportunities of YouTube. But like many other platforms, there are certain downsides to YouTube as well. These are as follows:

Whatever You Share is Always Public

Since YouTube is a public social media platform, people do not need to have an account to view your content. Also, almost anyone can post a video which can cause copyright issues and raise many privacy concerns as well.

Strict Rules for Users

Just like many other social media platforms, YouTube has a few rules that can restrict you and your activities on your YouTube channel. This can include rules and restrictions regarding the type of content you can upload, the way your channel should look, and the optimization of your channel.

Advertisers Can Place Their Ads on Video

This means that even your competitors can run an advertisement on your video. They can also run ads on videos that are near your content. This can be a problem for your brand as this can create tough situations for you if your content is not appealing enough.


In the end, one can say that YouTube has a lot of opportunities and limitations for users at the same time. It depends on the norms and different values of the place where you live that can make YouTube a source of opportunity or disadvantage for users.

One thing that always attracts some major YouTubers who use the platform is that there is enough room for creative people to show their skills and create content using YouTube for their audience. Just like other platforms, you are required to be creative enough to use YouTube.

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