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Web Design Style Guide

As a designer, you probably use a variety of different styles for different elements on your website. For example, you might use different fonts for body text and headlines, or you might stick to one style for all your elements. This style guide will help you maintain consistency in your website’s overall look and feel. The guide should include font family names and sizes for each element on your website, as well as styles for alert messages and forms. You can even define different states for certain types of buttons, such as hover or regular.

You can also consider how other people like your work. Those who have similar taste may like sites that have multiple menus, graphic headers, and custom sidebars. Others might prefer large hero areas and interactive color overlays. Still others may prefer a site that has parallax scrolling. Whatever your design tastes are, it’s important to keep them in mind when creating your next website.

Visual balance is a key principle of successful web design. It makes sure no element dominates another. It encourages people to stick around and look for more information. Whether you’re trying to sell an item or build a relationship with your audience, a well-designed web design will make them feel secure. They’ll be more likely to buy from you if you’ve made a good impression with your visitors.

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