What Cars Would You Recommend For a 17 Year Old?

Buying a new car for your seventeen-year-old can be expensive. You should consider your budget and monthly income when making this decision. A used car might be a better option if you don’t have enough money to purchase a new one. Use websites such as Car Deal Finder to find used cars that match your child’s criteria. Search by make, model, mileage, and area code to find a car at a discount price.

If your 17-year-old is looking for a car that’s low-emission and comfortable for five people, a hybrid Toyota Yaris is an excellent choice. The Yaris has enough features to make driving enjoyable for him, including Bluetooth, automatic air-conditioning, and a pre-collision warning system. A small car like this is not fun to drive, but it’s comfortable enough for most teen drivers.

When choosing a car for your teenager, remember that safety is a priority. Teens are still growing and inexperienced drivers. As such, it’s essential that they drive a safe car, which is why safety-focused companies like the IIHS and Consumer Reports have come up with a new car rating system to help you make a decision. There are two tiers of recommended used cars, with prices ranging from about six grand to almost twenty thousand dollars. It’s best to buy a new car if you can afford it, as it will ensure increased safety.

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