Which Social Media Apps Are Capable of Spying on Their Users?

There’s no doubt that the companies behind social media apps are interested in obtaining information about you. One recent Motherboard article detailed how the company’s employees were able to access users’ data through a program called SnapLion. Although SnapLion was originally designed to collect information for law enforcement, various departments within Snapchat were using the software to gather information about their users. So, which social media apps are capable of spying on their users?


In addition to Twitter, there are other popular social networking apps, such as Instagram. These networks attract a large audience, including young people. However, they are also vulnerable to cybercriminals who target underage users. Parents can use Instagram spy apps to track the activities of their children. To avoid being detected, the ideal software will work invisibly and not require rooting the target device. This way, it won’t raise any suspicions about the user’s safety.

Unfortunately, this method is a way for bad actors to collect your personal information and manipulate your opinions. Russia’s Internet Research Agency has been accused of interfering in the U.S. presidential election. Social media apps are also a conduit for criminals who are skilled at tricking users into giving up personal information in return for a monetary reward. Thankfully, Facebook has publicly admitted the program and is working to limit the number of users who are able to be spied on.


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